Bajaj Shakti Plus 15-L 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater

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 Vertically Mounted  Power Consumption: 2000 W  Capacity: 15 L  Multiple safety system  Long life heating element  High impact resistant engineered plastic body  Suitable for installation... More Details
 Vertically Mounted  Power Consumption: 2000 W  Capacity: 15 L  Multiple safety system  Long life heating element  High impact resistant engineered plastic body  Suitable for installation in high-rise buildings & pressure pump applications The benefits of a hot water shower are known to all. Simply stepping into the hot water shower will refresh and rejuvenate your body. For a relaxing shower experience, one needs an efficient water heater like the ones from Bajaj. From Storage, Instant and Gas Water Heaters to Immersion Rods, there is one for every type of family and budget. These technologically advanced and high-performing water heaters. From glass lined technology to enamel coated heating element, we offer it all to ensure an extended product life. If you are looking for an efficient, stylish and utilitarian geyser, take a look at the Bajaj 15 L Shakti Plus. This geyser is small in size, has a compact design and will not take up much space in your bathroom. A storage water heater like this one provides you with hot water in a hassle-free manner. Forget about boiling water on the stove as this geyser will heat water quickly and efficiently. This geyser can be installed in the master bathroom, the children’s bathroom and even the guest bathroom. This quality heating appliance looks good too and will complement the interiors of any modern bathroom. Capacity, Tank Coating and Heating Element The 15 L storage capacity makes this geyser an excellent choice for a small family of two to four people. The Bajaj 15 L Shakti Plus has an impact-resistant body made from engineered plastic. It is both shock-proof and rust-proof. The long lasting heating element used in this geyser makes it durable. Safety Features An indicator lamp lets you know when the geyser is switched on. Safety features included will provide protection against overheating, dry heating and any excess pressure that may build up. The Bajaj 15 L Shakti Plus has an automatic cut-off feature. It is rather convenient as it shuts down the geyser based on the temperature of the water stored in it. The temperature is regulated via a thermostat. When the water in the geyser crosses a pre-fixed temperature, it automatically shuts down to avoid overheating. The water heater cable is fire-retardant. Rated Water Pressure and More The rated water pressure or working pressure this geyser can withstand is a maximum of 0.70 MPA. This makes it suitable for use in tall apartment buildings and pressure pumps. The geyser has a two star rating, which makes it energy-efficient. This geyser should be mounted vertically and requires 230 V and 50 Hz to function.
Product information
Shakti Plus
Power Consumption:
2000 W
Tank Material:
Stainless Steel
Over Heat Cut Off:
Water Pressure:
0.70 MPA
300 mm
380 mm
300 mm
7000 gm
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